Types Of Sugar Daddy
Sugar Daddy

Types Of Sugar Daddy

Many people who are not involved in the sugar daddy dating scene won’t understand the subtle nuances between different types of sugar daddy. There’s so much more to a sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship than just money and intimacy.

For anyone wondering what different types of sugar daddy relationships exist, we’ve compiled a list of the most common ones…

What Types Of Sugar Daddy Are There?

Married But Bored

It’s no secret that a lot of sugar daddies are married men. Marriages can be put under a lot of strain when a man has a high-profile job and that leads to a lack of intimacy with their wives or long-term partners. This, in turn, leads a lot of men looking for a sugar baby so they have someone whose company they can enjoy and just have fun with. If a man is feeling unappreciated, he may turn to a sugar baby dating site like Seek My Sugar Daddy to find a young, attractive woman.

Types Of Sugar Daddy


The image that springs to mind when you think of a sugar daddy is probably someone in their 40s or 50s with a corporate job. Someone who wears expensive suits to their city-centre office. That’s no longer the case. A lot of younger men are now also looking for attractive women to treat as a sugar baby. A sugar daddy/sugar baby relationship is a great alternative to settling down, having kids etc. If you want to have fun with a man similar in age to you and enjoy the jet-set lifestyle, this is the type of sugar daddy for you.

Single Workaholic

This type of sugar daddy can be a younger man who has dedicated his life to his career, or an older man who may have simply not had the chance to settle down. Either way, these wealthy men will usually be looking for a no-nonsense arrangement. You may not get as many fancy holidays as you would with some of the other types of sugar daddy but, chances are, you’ll receive more gifts and potentially an allowance.

Mentor Sugar Daddy

A mentor sugar daddy is quite unlike anything we’ve spoken about here. The purpose of this type of relationship is to help you earn your own money in the long-term. The sugar daddy may hire you for a very well paid position at the company they own and they will mentor you to succeed in business. This type of repationship suits many sugar babies as they will get the opportunity to make their own success.

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