How To Avoid Fake Sugar Daddies
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How To Avoid Fake Sugar Daddies

One of the hardest things about being a sugar baby is avoiding fakes. These range from men who claim to be wealthier than they actually are to those who may not even exist at all. Here are some top tips on how to avoid fake sugar daddies online.

Do Your Research

In this day and age, it’s really easy to research someone online. We’re not saying you should go into full-on stalker mode but see if you can find them on Facebook, Twitter or Instagram. If they tell you they are single, it’s easy to confirm this. If they tell you they own a company, you can check this online too. You can find out a lot about someone from a quick search online.

Use Seek My Sugar Daddy

Sugar daddy dating sites are the go-to for many sugar babies these days and it’s obvious why. It really is the easiest way to meet wealthy men. On Seek My Sugar Daddy you can use our advanced search filters to find your perfect sugar daddy. Search by age, location, income, interests, physical characteristics and loads more. Finding a real sugar daddy has never been easier.

How To Avoid Fake Sugar Daddies

Don’t Meet Face-To-Face Straight Away

Although meeting face-to-face hasn’t been possible over the last year or so, we’d still always recommend getting to know someone properly before meeting them. If a sugar daddy really wants to start a genuine arrangement or relationship with you, he will be willing to wait and get to know you better.

The golden rule is this… If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is. You should never give you personal details to anyone if you don’t feel safe doing so. Anyone being too forceful or aggressive is likely to not have genuine intentions. Be smart, take your time and remember why you’re here – to have fun!

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